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By | December 12, 2019

I have found that many people use the market place and are not getting the best plans for them.  Let me share an example.

a couple 35- 40 years old making a combined income of 48K per year chose a $380/month premium with a $6000 per person deductable.  Certain things were missed, which allowed then the same plan but with a $1800 dollar deductable.

A single mother of 3 saved 328 amonth in premiums

a 57 year old man did not know he qualified for insurance with a premium of $5 / month

Would you know what to look for?

Most people do not.  That is why we want to help you find the best coverage available for you.  As a trusted advisor in marketplace insurance, that is what we do best.  We become your personal HR department.

We also stay with you all year to be available for you to make changes – let us help you.  Complete the form below and I will contact you.  Note this is good for any US citizen in the United States.

Here is why we need the information:

Name – I like to know who I am working with and so does the marketplace. First and last name please.

Birthdate – This and your name identify you in the marketplace.

Zip code and county – This ensures we get the right plans.

Age Sex Tobacco Use To Be Insured – rates may be affected by those in the home etc.   Please use the format 35 / M / N / Y

Income and sources – Some income is ignored for help with insurance, but may disqualify you from others.

Please note we never share or sell your information with out getting permission from you.

I will typically text or email you before I call.  This email/text will contain the number I am calling from – usually my cell phone.

Please note that this information is required to give you a quote. We will need a phone call to enroll you.

I understand that by sending this form I am agreeing to allow Scott Asselin to contact me for the purposes of health insurance via telephone and/or email. I will be removed upon request. Your information will never be shared without your express permission.








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